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How does pizza taste when baked in the Millennium?
The Millennium is a real brick oven that has a real brick oven taste, so one thing we can promise you is that everything tastes better when cooked in the Millennium.

What else can I cook besides pizza?
You can cook virtually anything in the Millennium. You can broil steak, chops, fish, chicken, veggies, bake breads, rolls, sausage, meatballs, au gratin, parmesan, sauce, you can even heat sandwiches using our Pannini plates. You can bake all dough products directly on the deck. Other foods must either be cooked on a sizzle platter, pannini plate or in a ceramic pot.

How much space is required?
The oven only requires an area that is 5 foot by 5 foot.

How much does it cost to run the oven?
The Millennium only requires 50,000 Btu's to get to temperature and once there, (due to our unique stay hot deck) can be backed down to just 25,000 Btu's for continuous cooking. In layman terms, the oven only costs approximately .25 to .50 cents an hour to run.

In comparison, a double stack deck oven takes approximately 250,000 Btu's to cook continuously and can only produce 1/5th of the production capabilities of the Millennium. It costs approximately 80% more to run a double deck oven that can only produce 20% of the volume of foods!

Does the oven require a hood?
No. The oven has an internal plenum and is equipped with an evacuation blower together with a frontal air curtain which captures virtually all extraneous heat and exhaust gasses which are expelled to the out of doors via the flue. Unlike traditional ovens that require a standard hood, the Millennium's built in hood does not remove your air conditioning out of your establishment saving you thousands of additional dollars per year.

How hot does the deck get?
The deck operates at temperatures of 550 to 700 degrees the cooking chamber approaches 1200 degrees. Most establishments keep the deck temperature at 550 to 600 degrees fahrenheit. It takes approximately 1 hour or less for the oven to get to temperature.

How do you clean the deck?
Spills virtually vaporize in the Millennium. You simply brush the deck occasionally. No salting or scrubbing is necessary.

Do you have to use the bottom burner all the time?
No. Once the deck reaches the users preferred cooking temperature, the electronic thermostat automatically regulates the bottom burner so your cooking surface remains consistent for optimum productivity.

Do you have to use the flicker flame all the time?
Yes. The radiant burner the deck burner and the Flicker Flame are required for a golden brown pizza crust.

What is required for installation?
You need an 1 1/4" gas line for natural gas or LP gas, a 110 electrical outlet and a 6" flue. Your local equipment riggers or licensed mechanical contractors can install the oven. Installation takes approximately 4 to 6 hours for in a one-story building, and costs around $500 to $1,000.

Do I need a permit?
Local codes dictate this. The Millennium is a moveable piece of equipment on castors and is not built into the building and should not require a permit. However the 6" flue may require one.

Why should I purchase a Millennium 2000 Vx5 Brick oven?
In order to match the production capabilities of the Millennium, you would have to spend well over $50,000. Additionally, at just 25k to 50k Btu's, the cost to operate the Millennium is negligible compared to other ovens, not to mention the savings you will enjoy by eliminating the hassle of buying a hood. Your labor costs and air conditioning bills should be substantially less. When all is said and done, the Millennium shares no equal.


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