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One look at the Remco Millennium 2000 Vx5 Brick Oven and it's easy to see how it's revolutionizing the pizza industry and taking over the brick oven market. The Millennium is faster and more cost effective than any other industrial oven.


The Vx5 is shipped fully assembled and comes on a heavy duty castered stand. Roll into place, hook up the gas, plug in the electric, stack the flue and you're ready to start cooking. The Remco M2 Vx5 is only 1100 pounds, so installation is easy.

Here are just some of the features and benefits that the Remco Millennium 2000 Vx5 Brick Oven can offer....


brick oven

  • Cooks 300% to 400% faster than conventional ovens.
  • Baby Backs Ribs in less than 10 minutes!
  • Average production of 120 to 250 pies per hour!
  • 90 Second bake time for pizza!
  • Fully Automated. No spinning or turning of pizzas.
  • Saves substantially on your electric and gas bill; Averages 35,000 BTU's per hour for cooking.
  • Has a built in hood. No external hood required!

The Vx5 offers over a dozen new features and improvements subtly incorporated into the award winning original Millenium 2000.

  • Efficienct & Safe
    Remco engineers & designers decided to take it to a new level with the industry's first posi-flow air curtain. The system streams a virtual wall of fresh air across the door opening thus retaining all the heat and hot air inside the oven also keeping the front door very cool to the touch, no more burns.
  • Easy to Clean
    The Vx5's proprietary stay hot deck is hand made, from a special imported clay that's virtually the only baking stone certified by NSF for direct food contact. Not only is the deck safe, but pizza after pizza can be baked without waiting for deck recovery due to the unique formula and its even heating. Most fixed deck ovens have hot and cold spots. Not the Millennium. Cleaning requires only an occasional brushing eliminating the typical salting and scrubbing of typical brick ovens.
  • User Friendly
    The Millennium is user friendly in that its environment is controlled electronically and the rotating deck eliminates food tending; your entry level personnel are virtually transformed into pizziolas and minichefs in no time. Even a novice can produce the best food and do it consistently; and did that pie just pass you? Maybe you should adjust your rotation speed or step on the built-in foot pedal which cues the deck rotation and lightwave generator for product retrieval.
  • Fast Cooking Times
    The Millennium cooks Pizza, Steak, Seafood, Ribs and Chops and a variety of other foods in record time. The Vx5 can cook your entire menu in 4-5 minutes, much quicker than other methods and foods keep their natural shape, flavor, moisture and texture with minimal shrinkage. This eliminates the need for a costly oversized equipment line.

Remco is the leader in Lightwave Generator method of cooking. In fact it's so unique they patented it, along with the rest of the Vx5. Remco's lightwave power is derived from combusting ordinary LP or Natural gas creating an intense light emulating the sun itself.

With the unique Remco ‘Flicker Flame’ dancing in the back of the oven emulating a real wood fire; add a few wood chips and you'll have the look and aroma of a traditional wood burning brick oven, safely and without the hassle.

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