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Prima 100 Brick Oven


Capacity Chart
Interior Dimension: 40" round
Oven Weight: 1050 lbs

Price US $4,740

All ovens include:

  • Floor elements
  • Crown elements
  • 5" flue manifold
  • Iron door
  • Insulation
  • Floor brush & 8" round utility peel
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Requires exterior finish work and base support
  • Step-by-step installation guide

Wood Consumption
To maintain cooking temp. of 700 degrees based on 1 cord of seasoned wood =4400 lbs

Lbs. per Hour 13
Cooking Hours 388
12 Hours a day 28
10 Hours a day 33


Masonry Kit
Total Weight Varies


Factory Assembled
Includes: Galvanized Surround and Metal Stand, Optional: Stainless Steel Shelf, Total Weight: 2300 lbs. Also in Pre-Assemble knock down


Steel Frame Assembly Kit
This new Kit facilitates quick and easy installations without compromising the function of your oven. Light enough to hand carry into place; the assembly is finished in a matter of hours. You supply the concrete board and metal stud framing to finish oven according to your tastes. The Steel Frame Assembly Kit takes up less space, so now you can enjoy world class cooking on decks, upper levels and areas where masonry would be prohibitive!


Kit includes: 2” tubular steel stand, 6” proprietary castable base, stainless steel shelf, refractory mortar, insulation and chimney adapter.

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