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Medio 110 Brick Oven


Capacity Chart
Cooking Surface: 43"
Oven Weight: 800 lbs

Pizza: Six 10" size
Roasting: Four 13"x 9" roasting pans
Bread: Twelve 10' rounds


All Ovens Include:

  • 5 Floor elements
  • 4 Overhead Crown elements
  • Terra Cotta Brick arch*
  • Flue Manifold-6" Interior Diameter
  • Insulating Blanket
  • Iron door
  • Floor brush and 8" round utility peel
  • Step-by-step pictorial installation guide
  • 5 year limited warranty


*Terra cotta is characteristic of the area in Tuscany from where the ovens are manufactured. If this does not blend esthetically with your home, you may cover your arch or rebuild it of another finish material such as stone, tile, stucco, red brick, etc.

Thermal Mass
Our residential ovens are designed with less weight than our commercial ovens to provide you with a quicker start up time. Therefore the thermal mass has been determined to allow the oven to heat more quickly and still retain sufficient heat for family meals, bread baking and entertaining.


Masonry Kit
Masonry oven kits come with 3 different masonry assembly plans to guarantee a proper installation in the style of your choice.


Factory Assembled
Fully assembled ready for finish work and chimney pipe hookup. Also available in knock down form for assembly on-site.


Steel Frame Assembly Kit
This new Kit facilitates quick and easy installations without compromising the function of your oven. Light enough to hand carry into place; the assembly is finished in a matter of hours. You supply the concrete board and metal stud framing to finish oven according to your tastes. The Steel Frame Assembly Kit takes up less space, so now you can enjoy world class cooking on decks, upper levels and areas where masonry would be prohibitive!


Kit includes: 2” tubular steel stand, 6” proprietary castable base, stainless steel shelf, refractory mortar, insulation and chimney adapter.

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